The importance of appreciation

I couldn’t stress enough of how important it is to put appreciation on anything you encounter with in life. And I realise it posts significant changes to children. I guess everyone wants to hear some compliments from time to time. Whether it’s from colleagues or family, just so that they know they’re doing something rightContinue reading “The importance of appreciation”

How Are You?

Whenever I look back to all the relationships I have gone through, relationships between friends, family and the significate half. I realise how claim I can be to review it again without being emtional. I wonder if there will ever be a chance for those who I encountered with in the past, will be ableContinue reading “How Are You?”

The Pragmatic Programmer

For all the passionate coders out there, I would like to share one of my current favourite books here with you all- The Pragmatic Programmer by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt. Prgramming can be quite intimmdiating sometimes and some people may just give up half way. But like many other things- the result can beContinue reading “The Pragmatic Programmer”

Let Music Spins Your Life

I haven’t heard a song that makes me feel alive for a very long time. I thought I would share this song with you all. It’s a Japanese song called “I Love…” by Offical Hige Dandism. I don’t know the language itself unfortunately but the rhythm and its melody truly bring a sense of hopeContinue reading “Let Music Spins Your Life”


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Hi, I’m Esther. This is my personal blog documents all my random thoughts and little reviews for various items-super random I promise!

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