Read an audiobook on the go

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In today’s modern world, sometimes it can be quite hard to see someone sits down on a bench at the park, holding a book, and just starts to read. I am not sure if it’s because there are too many other alternatives out there for people to kill time, like play Switch or watch Netflix. Sure, these things are entertaining, for a set amount of time I guess. However, I wonder if these activities truly make people feel content about their lives or in fact, you just wasted another precious hour of your life.

You’re probably wearing your AirPods, scrolling down to try to dig out some more posts you haven’t seen before on Instagram. Instead of seeking for this endless content on the internet, why not make some good use of your phone by listening to audiobooks?

You can finish ‘reading’ a book under 15 minutes just by listening to the audio. Sitting in one place for a long period of time just to finish reading a book may seem unbearable. Therefore, I think this is such an effortless way to absorb some knowledge while you’re working on some other tasks. You will see how bubbly your brain turns when you start installing some meaningful content in it.

Sign up here to try out a 30-day Free Audible Trial. Just give it a try, there really is no harm to pick up a habit that exists for centuries and decades. Reading is good for you.

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