Book recommendations for learning how to code

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During this Covid19 pandemic period, loads of people are finding ways to educate themselves. For me personally, I am trying to learn how to code. Coding is the language of the future. Even you’re not aiming to become as a software engineer or get involved in the tech industry, being able to think and write a few lines of code to solve real-world problems is great.

As a complete novice to programming, I find it quite difficult and I too struggled to get a good entry-level book to begin with. While it took me quite some time to figure out which guiding book suits me the best, I have found a few good ones that help me get through this self-taught coding journey. Here are some book recommendations:

  • Python for Beginners : A lightweight, easy-to-handle book for beginners to follow. It guides you step-by-step from where to install a text editor to provide small exercises at the end of each chapter. You won’t feel too much burden on learning from this book because each chapter is relatively short and precise. And the given exercises also give you a sense of accomplishment when your code runs at the end.
  • Javascript in 24 Hours: Another purposely designed book for learners who have no previous programming experience. The first 5 hours of content should cover all the fundamental concepts of Javascript.

For complete beginners, I personally recommend getting the books on paperback version instead of the Kindle version. Because then you can highlight, write, and flip around pages like you usually do on a normal textbook. I find it easier to remember concepts and visualize the process of whatever I’m working on.

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