How to protect yourself during long haul flight (COVID19 Edition)

In the year of 2020, nothing comes more important than protecting ourselves from infecting COVID19. Perhaps the only thing we can possibly do is to ensure ourselves and the environment are virus-free. No matter you think this is unnessary or overly exaggerated- you don’t want to risk your life. While the travel restriction eases, here are the top tips you can do to protect yourself when traveling:

  • Face masks : There are proven evidence that show face mask does work, and it almost acts like the gatekeeper to help affectively filter out airborne virus. For those who don’t want to waste too many disposable masks every day, a washable face mask is the best alternative. It still filter the air that we breathe in while providing a minimum protection. But of course, try the best you can to get a surgical mask for better protection as it has more layers to filter smaller particles.
  • Hand sanitizer : Pocket hand sanitizer is the new accessory of 2020. Nothing comes in so handy to give our hands an instant refresh and clean up. You really should stock up some while the stock lasts.
  • Alcohol wipes : Sometimes you may want to have a one-time sanitisation to your surroundings so a gel-like sanitizer isn’t the best tool in this case. This wipe comes in individual sachet so it’s even more hygenic for cleaning purpose. For larger surface to clean up, opt for antibacterial wipes that act like a cloth to clean objects like tables and chairs.
  • Face shield : It is probably the most straight forward way to prevent ourselves from touching our face unconsiouly. Virus transmits into our immune system via mucous membrane, and in general we catch the virus because we touch our face with dirty hands. Therefore, wearing a face shield provides a great barrier to stop us from touching our face and/or help blocking droplets from someone who is sneezing or coughing directly in front of us. Alternatively, a pair of safety goggles is another way to prevent us from rubbing our eyes, it helps to reduce the chance of transmitting germs and bacterias to our body.

So that’s my top tips from protecting ourselves during this pandemic. Small things add up to big things. If we all try to be a little more cautious to personal hygiene, we are essentially helping to save lives too. Take care.

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