Prime Student on 6-Month Trial

September is coming, which means another semester is approaching too. Be as a student, especially at university, meaning not only to focus on school work but also to look out for other benefits that are exclusive to students. In that sense, you can save up some money while enjoying your university life in full! The Amazon Prime Student program is great to help students to save up some money while allowing them to enjoy their top-tier service. Here are some of the perks that you can enjoy if you sign up for this amazing program too!

Free prime delivery

One of the biggest advantages to sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you don’t want to wait days and months for a single item to get delivered to your dorm room. Most importantly, you can enjoy this convenient service for free.

Additional student discount

Who doesn’t love a bit of an extra discount? We do! As a student, we all look out for additional discount and the Amazon Prime Student program offers discounts from entertainment to fashion, you name it.

Amazon Prime videos

After a day of hard work, what’s more relaxing that just laying on the bed and binge-watch your favorite movie or TV show? Amazon offers countless videos and you can enjoy all of them for free for 6 months when you sign up for their program.

Of course there are many more benefits in this program, give it a go as it lasts 6-month. You can always opt out if you don’t feel like it after half a year. Act fast!

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