Book Review: This Is Me Letting You Go

Relationship is one of those things that can cause a lot of frustration and disappointment, especially when things aren’t living up to your expectation. While we’re heartbreaking and depressed, it is beneficial for us to take a step back and try to find out what we can learn from the lesson.

Recently, I come across the book This is me letting you go by Heidi Priebe, and strangely, it makes me feel like I am slowly stepping into the world of adulthood – a world that is intertwined with sweet memories and bitterness.

I once heard someone shared the idea of love: to love someone is like when you decide to pour your heart out and place it on someone’s hand. It is entirely up to the person to either turn your heart into fragments – step on it and crush it; or hold it gently and care for it wholeheartedly. Gosh, this sounds painful but seems to be a precise way to describe what love actually is about.

This book has lots of monologues that truly make you feel like it is speaking on behalf of you. It doesn’t really tell you what to do next when going through breakups but instead, it describes a lot of thoughts you may come across with in mind a million times before. It can be quite odd to read those lines as an outsider but also taking those descriptions personal.

I realize the idea of letting something or someone to go, is a process of realization. It might take a very long time to heal and eventually to move on. When we approach to a certain age, relationships can take away a lot of our energy. Instead of clinging onto the old memories that we can’t let go, it is okay to keep those memories and carry on. We have to understand that nothing remains the same over the years and only if we put our hopes for the future to set free for the people we care a lot about and most importantly, set ourselves free from pain.

Download the book on Kindle while signing up for the 30-day free trail if you haven’t already, or get the paparback version on Amazon.

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