Can I Not Drink Coffee To Stay Awake?

I admit, I love coffee and I am kind of addicted to it. Coffee is a gift from the heaven. However, I’ve been looking for alternatives these days. The reason behind is because everyone is pretty much working from home now, the need of acquiring caffeine boost in the morning become less desirable. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to drink something that can help me to stay awake and productive during the day.

So something that contains mild caffeine and potentially brings other benefits to the body is what I’ve looking for – matcha is the first thing that pops up in my head.

Matcha tea is well known for containing a powerful antioxidant called catechins. 1 cup of matcha tea can already be more effective to deliver antioxidants to your body than as if you drink 10 cups of green tea. We all love a bit of antioxidant because it helps with anti-aging and prevents chronic diseases.

I believe the benefits of drinking matcha tea can all be found on the Internet but I want to highlight the benefit of L-Theanine specifically. As we all know, matcha contains a small amount of caffeine but do you know it is also rich in L-Theanine? It is a type of amino acid that helps our brain to stay alert and claim. A high dosage of caffeine can lead to jittery and anxiety – but that’s how coffee helps us to stay awake because it triggers our nervous system and forces our brain to stay concentrate. What L-theanine does is that it actually promotes a long-lasting relaxation signal while keeping our brain to stay alert and focus. In short, L-Theanine avoids all the negative effects found in coffee and yet still help us stay focus.

Although matcha tea doesn’t contain as high level of caffeine as normal tea and coffee, it releases caffeine and L-Theanine slowly and steadily that claim us down while stay alert. It is a great alternative to have to replace coffee in the long run. We don’t always need to rely on coffee to perform well on lighter tasks, drink matcha tea is a nice, healthy way to enjoy our time in life, too.

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