Japanese Style Breakfast

Recently I saw a lot of “Japanese breakfast idea” videos on YouTube. Exactly of what I need at the moment because I am running out of ideas to make breakfast. Yes, I can have toast and coffee every day but I do want to have a twist every now and then. Also, I have a very strong Asian appetite so I wouldn’t mind to switch to an Asian style type of breakfast- sounds like a good idea and I expect that I can eat it repeatedly for a long time.

What kind of breakfast is like for you when it comes to Japanese style? For me personally, I would imagine it comes as a set: a bowl of rice, miso soup, grilled salmon, and some perfectly cooked egg roll. The first 3 things are easy to make and prepare, the hardest one is the egg roll.

A perfect egg roll is difficult to make and it actually takes time to practice. The general standard is that there should be no gaps in between the layers and no holes should be found when you slide it in small pieces- all of these meaning you can’t let all those air bubbles get inside when rolling the eggs.

Of course, you can make egg roll using normal frying pan but wouldn’t it be more professional and authentic to use a classic Japanese egg pan? The rectangular shape of the pan helps you to easily roll and flip the eggs. It will save you lots of hassles and you will soon realize that it’s quite easy to make the perfect egg roll.

I think it’s quite a good cookware piece to invest on if you enjoy cooking as well. With a little help of the equipment, you can easily make an ideal breakfast for yourself.

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