Guide To: The Perfect Matcha

A lot of people seem to be very interested in my previous article about matcha tea. It is easy to just get one from regular cafe but of course, you can ensure to get the best nutrition from this precious ingrediant if you make it yourself.

By all means, I recommend to get a full Japanese tea set. In Japan, making a cup of perfect matcha tea is like a ceremony. And on top of it, dedication and respect to the whole tea culture is the key. Afterall, a nice cup of matcha tea is way more than just about pouring hot witer into the cup.

A professional tea set usually comes with a sleeve, a bamboo whisk, a scoop, and a matcha bowl. The sleeve helps to make even finer tea powder, the scoop and the bowl are there to help easily measure the right amount of matcha you need, and the whisk is for mixing the liquid and matcha well together to achieve that beauitful aroma and flavour.

Bear in mind you shouldn’t use steamily hot boiled water to mix with the matcha powder because the nutrition can easily get destroyed by the high heat. The suggested temperture should be around 60-70 °C.

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