The Magic Seed- Chia Seeds

Have you heard of chia seeds? I only came across this superfood a few years ago when the healthy eating style starts to become a trend and everyone’s raving about it. Chia seed is not only known for its nutrition benefits but also the diverse ways of how you can involve in your diet.

You can put some chia seeds to your yogurt bowl and eat it together with other fruits. You can pour chia seeds into the milk ( the ratio is 1:1) and put it in the fridge overnight and you can enjoy a delicious pudding the next day. It is so versatile to eat chia seeds, you just need a bit of creativity.

My approach to consume healthy food and drinks is try not to force myself to take it on a daily basis. If I can just have them without being cautiously aware of doing it, the better it is.

So what I do with chia seeds is that I usually prepare a big jar of water and add some chia seeds in it, put it in the fridge, and drink it the next morning to refresh my mind. That way I get to have all the protein that I need and because it is high in fiber, I also can treat it as part of my meal.

In general, it is great for digestion and it contains very few calories. Of course, everything is good as long as you don’t take an overdoes amount. Stay well and health everyone!

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