The Making of Japanese Rice Ball

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Japanese food culture. Anything from sashimi(Japanese raw fish), egg roll to sushi, I am all about it. One of the great things about Japanese food is that most of them can eat in cold or hot. An obvious example would be sushi. And so I’ve been thinking of ways that I can make it myself.

Most people tend to get a bamboo mat to make sushi, there are sushi roll kit available online that is not hard to find at all. However, I’m thinking of a different kind of sushi – rice ball.

Rice ball is a very common lunch option for a lot of students in Japan. It’s basically a plain rice ball stuffed with different fillings like mince, salad. It is so easy to make at home and you can carry it around with you to school or to work.

The rice ball usually comes in a triangular shape and of course you can mold it in shape using bare hands but it’s a lot easier and cleaner to use a rice ball mold to help you. It saves you time to buy seaweed as well cause all you need is rice, stuffings and a piece of clingfilm, easy!

Order one here and try it yourself, you would be surprised how useless this tiny tool is. Enjoy!

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