Is Solitude A Bad Thing?

It’s a shame 2020 is the year of corona virus. I am sure a lot of us are experiencing self isolation and quarantine. While it is something unusal and unbearable, the impact to our mental health can be huge.

Recently I’ve been trying to deep dive into the meaning of solitude. In Asia countries, being alone is a negative thing. Things should be shared with others because it is an act of caring. And a lot of times, people have collective opinions and being involved in groups is always better than all by yourself. Being unique is never a thing to celebrate, people just want to be accepted and blend in. It seems like we never really time with ourselves, get to know who we are. And so when we are forced to be alone, we feel scared- we can’t even face ourselves.

The idea of being alone is so-called solitude in the Western world. It is interesting to see how East and West treat loneliness/ solitude so differently. It doesn’t really seem to be a pain from a western perspective. In fact, solitude is a journey of self discovery, meaning to candidly face our true self and accept who we really are, including our flaws.

I am learning it still, learning how to embrace my own character even it’s not perfect at all. I realise the most terrifying thing isn’t about not to have many friends or family around, but when you can’t even act in your true self in the crown. Be comfortable in my skin, that’s the approach I am trying to make in the coming years.

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