Book review: A Woman Makes A Plan by Maye Musk

You can still appear elegant and attracive at age 40-50 but would you still be capable to present youself so confident and bold over 70 years old? Well, Maye Musk can do it- mother of Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk, she surely is one hell of a legendary. She wrote this book A Woman Makes A Plan which she talks about her childhood and her journey as a single mother of 3, supermodel and a well-known dietitian.

I think by reading through Maye’s story, I realise the importance of making plans for significate moments and the harm of self-sabotage. Life is a long journey and there really are few moments that would define who we are and our values. Make plans and wait for those moments to come is all we have to do. Despite all the obsticles that Maye had gone through in her life, what really makes her successful throughout the way is that she never give up on herself.

It is not hard to see people self-sabotage these days thinking they can’t achieve that dream that’s too far to reach and what’s weird about it is that, people seem to feel okay not to be competitve and instead, they rest aside and give up on continue to work hard. And success doesn’t just appear from nowhere, it might take years of effort to pursue your dream and it is there for you to make things happen when you stick with your plan and don’t give up half way.

Get this book here while there’s only paperback version available in the market.

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