5 Steps To Become As A Frontend Developer

A lot of people have asked me about: What to do exactly to become as a frontend engineer?

Well, I’m surprised that people ask me about this because I am NOT a software engineer, I’m just very much interested in learning how to code. Instead of saying I’m job-oriented, I’m pretty much just learning it as a hobby (so that I don’t give myself too much pressure).

With that said, I am all the more happy to share some information I have down throughout the way. I hope some of you, especially for beginners will find this helpful.

First, learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript. They are the fundamentals of frontend development. You can’t really build a website if you don’t know any of the 3 languages.

Second, pick a JavaScript framework to learn and focus on one at a time. To explain what a framework is in a simple way: it is another layer of application that builds on top of JavaScript. There are some popular JS framework out there for example : React, Vue and Angular. You can pick any of them to learn, just bear in mind that it is important to focus on one framework to work on and make sure you understand good enough of it before moving on to the next framework. Don’t rush.

Third, build a personal project from scratch. Nothing but a personal project can prove that you can actually code by yourself. There are tons of tutorials out there that provides you step-by-step guide on how to build your own project. It is ok to follow those guidances when you first started but you have to ditch the help and try to do it by yourself alone. At the end of day, you will pretty code on your own with little help at the workplace if you become as a developer one day.

Fourth, get your resume really. By that, I mean you need to build your resume that’s tailored for software engineering jobs. Emphasis on what personal projects you’ve built so far. Also, state every languages you know on your CV is crucial.

Finally, make application and just keep doing it until you get that job! No one will know you’ve spent days and nights figure out how to code from scratch and you’re desperately wanting to get a job- unless you start sending out your application and expose yourself to the job market. It might be difficult and long waiting to get a job in first place but the key is to keep doing it and don’t give up.

Good luck!

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