Take a break, it’s fine

I’m all about productivity but these days when the virus wave hits again, I sort of slow down my process of working.

Not that I don’t want to work but I want to take a moment and revisit my purpose of working hard.

And you know what, I feel great of not doing anything once in a while. The feeling is equivalent to as if you turn on the computer for over 48 hours and you know it’s overheated, and you decided to turn it off to give it a break.

One of the FaceBook motto is: Move fast and break things. Yes, we all live in the age of technology and things do move quickly. However, we might lost our purpose of living if we always go in a rush. We forget about things and we lose our patience to appreciate things around.

Take a break is great, so that we can rejuvenate, recharge and reassure our purpose of living.

Stay calm.

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