Grand Maison Tokyo

I recently discover a Japanese TV program called Grand Maison Tokyo. It’s a story about a group of passionate chiefs who determined to take Michelin 3 stars for their french restaurant in Tokyo.

The episodes are quite short but they include all the joy, excitement and struggles though out the journey of fighting for Michelin stars.

What really touches me is the ending- Kimura said: “Once you take down the championship, you thought you won. But it’s just the beginning, the pressure of maintaining that level of success can drown you.” He continues, “ What keeps you going is the power of believing in yourself, believe that you can do it. You can only be successful if you pay the effort and have the confidence to take the ownership of trusting yourself.”

I think this is the charm of Japanese TV drama. It once again reminds me the reason to keep going. I often get lost and lose my sight of chasing dreams. I forget why I need to work hard. But this drama reminds me that as a human, whatever I do, I shall keep my passion, believe in myself, knowing this is something I enjoy and have the desire of wanting to become the best version of the person that I always want to be.

It’s a really cheerful TV show. I recommend to you all.

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