Let Music Spins Your Life

I haven’t heard a song that makes me feel alive for a very long time. I thought I would share this song with you all. It’s a Japanese song called “I Love…” by Offical Hige Dandism.

I don’t know the language itself unfortunately but the rhythm and its melody truly bring a sense of hope to me when I listen to it.

Life is way more than just about relationship, isn’t it?

I really like how the idea of “love” is descibed by the band- it forms in many ways more than just chemistry between couple, love can also exist between friends, family, colleagues, animals, genders and many more. It’s nice if people can recall their memories while listening to the song.

Whenever you feel down or lonely, I hope you can find strength through this song…

Listen here if you’re interested.

Published by Esther

Hello! I'm Esther. I am interested in technology.

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