How Are You?

Whenever I look back to all the relationships I have gone through, relationships between friends, family and the significate half. I realise how claim I can be to review it again without being emtional.

I wonder if there will ever be a chance for those who I encountered with in the past, will be able to see all the transformation I have had throughout the years. Will they still hold the same impression of me like we met the first time? Will they please to say I have mellowed a bit?

I’m often amazed to see how my views change towards all the subtle changes in relationships and my approach of it. I used to want to have all the control, it makes me feel empowered. But nothing can be certain when it is about more than just one person, right? It’s a shame to see how things part our ways and you weren’t there to stay. But I shall take it as it is if this is somewhat meant to be…

If you’re ever reading this, how are you doing?

I hope you’re well.

Published by Esther

Hello! I'm Esther. I am interested in technology.

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