The importance of appreciation

I couldn’t stress enough of how important it is to put appreciation on anything you encounter with in life. And I realise it posts significant changes to children.

I guess everyone wants to hear some compliments from time to time. Whether it’s from colleagues or family, just so that they know they’re doing something right or positive. However, I find it rare that people have the caution to compliment other regularly- do they find it embarrassing or? I guess I can never find out.

I want to show my appreciation more often because I see how it effects on me personally. It gives me courage and motivation to carry on doing stuff, and I know that I’m not alone because other people have seen my good work and they are willing to give me credit.

If you’re reading this, go spread some love. Everyone needs it.

Published by Esther

Hello! I'm Esther. I am interested in technology.

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