Is Solitude A Bad Thing?

It’s a shame 2020 is the year of corona virus. I am sure a lot of us are experiencing self isolation and quarantine. While it is something unusal and unbearable, the impact to our mental health can be huge. Recently I’ve been trying to deep dive into the meaning of solitude. In Asia countries, beingContinue reading “Is Solitude A Bad Thing?”

The Magic Seed- Chia Seeds

Have you heard of chia seeds? I only came across this superfood a few years ago when the healthy eating style starts to become a trend and everyone’s raving about it. Chia seed is not only known for its nutrition benefits but also the diverse ways of how you can involve in your diet. YouContinue reading “The Magic Seed- Chia Seeds”

Guide To: The Perfect Matcha

A lot of people seem to be very interested in my previous article about matcha tea. It is easy to just get one from regular cafe but of course, you can ensure to get the best nutrition from this precious ingrediant if you make it yourself. By all means, I recommend to get a fullContinue reading “Guide To: The Perfect Matcha”

Can I Not Drink Coffee To Stay Awake?

I admit, I love coffee and I am kind of addicted to it. Coffee is a gift from the heaven. However, I’ve been looking for alternatives these days. The reason behind is because everyone is pretty much working from home now, the need of acquiring caffeine boost in the morning become less desirable. But thatContinue reading “Can I Not Drink Coffee To Stay Awake?”

How to protect yourself during long haul flight (COVID19 Edition)

In the year of 2020, nothing comes more important than protecting ourselves from infecting COVID19. Perhaps the only thing we can possibly do is to ensure ourselves and the environment are virus-free. No matter you think this is unnessary or overly exaggerated- you don’t want to risk your life. While the travel restriction eases, hereContinue reading “How to protect yourself during long haul flight (COVID19 Edition)”