Let Music Spins Your Life

I haven’t heard a song that makes me feel alive for a very long time. I thought I would share this song with you all. It’s a Japanese song called “I Love…” by Offical Hige Dandism. I don’t know the language itself unfortunately but the rhythm and its melody truly bring a sense of hopeContinue reading “Let Music Spins Your Life”

Why Celebrate Loser Mindset?

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of comments online that people seem to share the idea of loser mindset. “I can’t do it but it’s totally fine.” Or “I don’t need to be successful, what’s the point?” Being able to recognise our weaknesses is good but what’s more important is to surpass our weaknesses andContinue reading “Why Celebrate Loser Mindset?”

I Try To Do 3 Things A Day

Every time when I go to bed, I always have a voice in my mind telling me: ”Right! so tommorrow, you’re going to do this, this, and this!” The list goes on and on. And for some reasons, I always have this unbelieveable, optimistic attitude in the middle of the night, that tells me yes,Continue reading “I Try To Do 3 Things A Day”

Recent thoughts on watching other people’s vlog on YouTube

Recently, I’ve been watching lots and lots of videos on YouTube, mostly daily vlogs posted by people. Vlogs are general videos that people film about their daily lives, the length of the video can last for a minute to hours. There is no particular reason that I like to watch these videos but I usuallyContinue reading “Recent thoughts on watching other people’s vlog on YouTube”