The importance of appreciation

I couldn’t stress enough of how important it is to put appreciation on anything you encounter with in life. And I realise it posts significant changes to children. I guess everyone wants to hear some compliments from time to time. Whether it’s from colleagues or family, just so that they know they’re doing something rightContinue reading “The importance of appreciation”

YouTube can be addictive…

Thanks to this self isolation period, I’ve been watching a ton of videos on YouTube. It becomes a daily routine for me now. I used to think YouTube is great platform, a place where creators share their ideas and exchange opinions with the rest of the world, people can learn things by just watching aContinue reading “YouTube can be addictive…”

Grand Maison Tokyo

I recently discover a Japanese TV program called Grand Maison Tokyo. It’s a story about a group of passionate chiefs who determined to take Michelin 3 stars for their french restaurant in Tokyo. The episodes are quite short but they include all the joy, excitement and struggles though out the journey of fighting for MichelinContinue reading “Grand Maison Tokyo”

Just Start To Code, Don’t Wait

A lot of people have been asking me about how do I learn how to code. Bear in mind that I am still a beginner of coding and I am still trying to figure my way of learning it. I start to notice what people really want to know from asking this question in specific,Continue reading “Just Start To Code, Don’t Wait”

5 Steps To Become As A Frontend Developer

A lot of people have asked me about: What to do exactly to become as a frontend engineer? Well, I’m surprised that people ask me about this because I am NOT a software engineer, I’m just very much interested in learning how to code. Instead of saying I’m job-oriented, I’m pretty much just learning itContinue reading “5 Steps To Become As A Frontend Developer”

Which Programming Language Should I learn?

As I first started to learn how to code, the various amount of languages out there just really confuse me. Therefore, I began to watch some YouTube videos to get an idea of which programming language does what. You may come aross with tons of videos that rave about how good and trending Python is,Continue reading “Which Programming Language Should I learn?”

Prime Student on 6-Month Trial

September is coming, which means another semester is approaching too. Be as a student, especially at university, meaning not only to focus on school work but also to look out for other benefits that are exclusive to students. In that sense, you can save up some money while enjoying your university life in full! TheContinue reading “Prime Student on 6-Month Trial”