Which Programming Language Should I learn?

As I first started to learn how to code, the various amount of languages out there just really confuse me. Therefore, I began to watch some YouTube videos to get an idea of which programming language does what. You may come aross with tons of videos that rave about how good and trending Python is,Continue reading “Which Programming Language Should I learn?”

Book review: A Woman Makes A Plan by Maye Musk

You can still appear elegant and attracive at age 40-50 but would you still be capable to present youself so confident and bold over 70 years old? Well, Maye Musk can do it- mother of Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk, she surely is one hell of a legendary. She wrote this book A WomanContinue reading “Book review: A Woman Makes A Plan by Maye Musk”

The Magic Seed- Chia Seeds

Have you heard of chia seeds? I only came across this superfood a few years ago when the healthy eating style starts to become a trend and everyone’s raving about it. Chia seed is not only known for its nutrition benefits but also the diverse ways of how you can involve in your diet. YouContinue reading “The Magic Seed- Chia Seeds”

Can I Not Drink Coffee To Stay Awake?

I admit, I love coffee and I am kind of addicted to it. Coffee is a gift from the heaven. However, I’ve been looking for alternatives these days. The reason behind is because everyone is pretty much working from home now, the need of acquiring caffeine boost in the morning become less desirable. But thatContinue reading “Can I Not Drink Coffee To Stay Awake?”

Book Review: This Is Me Letting You Go

Relationship is one of those things that can cause a lot of frustration and disappointment, especially when things aren’t living up to your expectation. While we’re heartbreaking and depressed, it is beneficial for us to take a step back and try to find out what we can learn from the lesson. Recently, I come acrossContinue reading “Book Review: This Is Me Letting You Go”

Get Yourself A Nice Cup of Coffee

For a lot of people, a nice, good cup of coffee really kicks start of a brand new day. While you can get a classic espresso maker, consider getting a french press machine may be a quicker way to make yourself a cup of coffee- one single press down, the coffee is ready to serve.Continue reading “Get Yourself A Nice Cup of Coffee”

Prime Student on 6-Month Trial

September is coming, which means another semester is approaching too. Be as a student, especially at university, meaning not only to focus on school work but also to look out for other benefits that are exclusive to students. In that sense, you can save up some money while enjoying your university life in full! TheContinue reading “Prime Student on 6-Month Trial”

You In The Best Light

You guess correct, this is another sharing about technology peripheral equipment. I believe good lighting helps with productivity- do you know white light keeps you awake and yellow light tends to put you asleep? Choosing the right lamp for your desktop that provides the best lighting can certainly put you in work mode quicker. ItContinue reading “You In The Best Light”

How to protect yourself during long haul flight (COVID19 Edition)

In the year of 2020, nothing comes more important than protecting ourselves from infecting COVID19. Perhaps the only thing we can possibly do is to ensure ourselves and the environment are virus-free. No matter you think this is unnessary or overly exaggerated- you don’t want to risk your life. While the travel restriction eases, hereContinue reading “How to protect yourself during long haul flight (COVID19 Edition)”