Just Start To Code, Don’t Wait

A lot of people have been asking me about how do I learn how to code. Bear in mind that I am still a beginner of coding and I am still trying to figure my way of learning it. I start to notice what people really want to know from asking this question in specific,Continue reading “Just Start To Code, Don’t Wait”

Book review: A Woman Makes A Plan by Maye Musk

You can still appear elegant and attracive at age 40-50 but would you still be capable to present youself so confident and bold over 70 years old? Well, Maye Musk can do it- mother of Tesla and SpaceX owner Elon Musk, she surely is one hell of a legendary. She wrote this book A WomanContinue reading “Book review: A Woman Makes A Plan by Maye Musk”

Book Review: This Is Me Letting You Go

Relationship is one of those things that can cause a lot of frustration and disappointment, especially when things aren’t living up to your expectation. While we’re heartbreaking and depressed, it is beneficial for us to take a step back and try to find out what we can learn from the lesson. Recently, I come acrossContinue reading “Book Review: This Is Me Letting You Go”