Which Programming Language Should I learn?

As I first started to learn how to code, the various amount of languages out there just really confuse me. Therefore, I began to watch some YouTube videos to get an idea of which programming language does what. You may come aross with tons of videos that rave about how good and trending Python is,Continue reading “Which Programming Language Should I learn?”

Book recommendations for learning how to code

During this Covid19 pandemic period, loads of people are finding ways to educate themselves. For me personally, I am trying to learn how to code. Coding is the language of the future. Even you’re not aiming to become as a software engineer or get involved in the tech industry, being able to think and writeContinue reading “Book recommendations for learning how to code”

Read an audiobook on the go

In today’s modern world, sometimes it can be quite hard to see someone sits down on a bench at the park, holding a book, and just starts to read. I am not sure if it’s because there are too many other alternatives out there for people to kill time, like play Switch or watch Netflix.Continue reading “Read an audiobook on the go”