Let Music Spins Your Life

I haven’t heard a song that makes me feel alive for a very long time. I thought I would share this song with you all. It’s a Japanese song called “I Love…” by Offical Hige Dandism. I don’t know the language itself unfortunately but the rhythm and its melody truly bring a sense of hopeContinue reading “Let Music Spins Your Life”

Grand Maison Tokyo

I recently discover a Japanese TV program called Grand Maison Tokyo. It’s a story about a group of passionate chiefs who determined to take Michelin 3 stars for their french restaurant in Tokyo. The episodes are quite short but they include all the joy, excitement and struggles though out the journey of fighting for MichelinContinue reading “Grand Maison Tokyo”

The Making of Japanese Rice Ball

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Japanese food culture. Anything from sashimi(Japanese raw fish), egg roll to sushi, I am all about it. One of the great things about Japanese food is that most of them can eat in cold or hot. An obvious example would be sushi. And so I’ve been thinking of ways thatContinue reading “The Making of Japanese Rice Ball”

Guide To: The Perfect Matcha

A lot of people seem to be very interested in my previous article about matcha tea. It is easy to just get one from regular cafe but of course, you can ensure to get the best nutrition from this precious ingrediant if you make it yourself. By all means, I recommend to get a fullContinue reading “Guide To: The Perfect Matcha”

Japanese Style Breakfast

Recently I saw a lot of “Japanese breakfast idea” videos on YouTube. Exactly of what I need at the moment because I am running out of ideas to make breakfast. Yes, I can have toast and coffee every day but I do want to have a twist every now and then. Also, I have aContinue reading “Japanese Style Breakfast”