Japanese Style Breakfast

Recently I saw a lot of “Japanese breakfast idea” videos on YouTube. Exactly of what I need at the moment because I am running out of ideas to make breakfast. Yes, I can have toast and coffee every day but I do want to have a twist every now and then. Also, I have aContinue reading “Japanese Style Breakfast”

Get Yourself A Nice Cup of Coffee

For a lot of people, a nice, good cup of coffee really kicks start of a brand new day. While you can get a classic espresso maker, consider getting a french press machine may be a quicker way to make yourself a cup of coffee- one single press down, the coffee is ready to serve.Continue reading “Get Yourself A Nice Cup of Coffee”

Customise your very own in-house cinema during this pandemic period

I know, everyone is pretty much experiencing the same if not similiar lifestyle during this global pandemic. You may find it really depressing and feeling lost during this particular time but you know what, nothing should stop you from seeking some fun in your own life. Do something that you didn’t have time to doContinue reading “Customise your very own in-house cinema during this pandemic period”