YouTube can be addictive…

Thanks to this self isolation period, I’ve been watching a ton of videos on YouTube. It becomes a daily routine for me now. I used to think YouTube is great platform, a place where creators share their ideas and exchange opinions with the rest of the world, people can learn things by just watching aContinue reading “YouTube can be addictive…”

5 Steps To Become As A Frontend Developer

A lot of people have asked me about: What to do exactly to become as a frontend engineer? Well, I’m surprised that people ask me about this because I am NOT a software engineer, I’m just very much interested in learning how to code. Instead of saying I’m job-oriented, I’m pretty much just learning itContinue reading “5 Steps To Become As A Frontend Developer”

You In The Best Light

You guess correct, this is another sharing about technology peripheral equipment. I believe good lighting helps with productivity- do you know white light keeps you awake and yellow light tends to put you asleep? Choosing the right lamp for your desktop that provides the best lighting can certainly put you in work mode quicker. ItContinue reading “You In The Best Light”

Quality monitor leads to quality life

Some people may be satisfy with their trusty laptop monitor and probably are not going to consider getting an external monitor. Fair enough if this causes hussle to you. However, for me personally, the longer hour I spend on my laptop, the more that I am fed up with the tiny screen I am staring.Continue reading “Quality monitor leads to quality life”

Top performing mechanical keyboards

Recently, I’ve been taking a look at different peripheral accessories for computers. The reason behind it is because I realize I spend a majority of time using my PC, laptop, and cell phone devices. Getting something that works magically smooth with good design, will certainly enhance my day-to-day user experience. So for this time, IContinue reading “Top performing mechanical keyboards”

Customise your very own in-house cinema during this pandemic period

I know, everyone is pretty much experiencing the same if not similiar lifestyle during this global pandemic. You may find it really depressing and feeling lost during this particular time but you know what, nothing should stop you from seeking some fun in your own life. Do something that you didn’t have time to doContinue reading “Customise your very own in-house cinema during this pandemic period”

Discover Patrick Shyu: The ex-Google TechLead

I discovered Patrick Shyu‘s YouTube channel a while ago and even since I watched the very first video, I can’t stop but keep watching the next one. Patrick is the ex-Google tech lead and also have experience working at Facebook. He owns his YouTube channel with over 700K subscribers and gives courses to guide peopleContinue reading “Discover Patrick Shyu: The ex-Google TechLead”