Let Music Spins Your Life

I haven’t heard a song that makes me feel alive for a very long time. I thought I would share this song with you all. It’s a Japanese song called “I Love…” by Offical Hige Dandism. I don’t know the language itself unfortunately but the rhythm and its melody truly bring a sense of hopeContinue reading “Let Music Spins Your Life”

YouTube can be addictive…

Thanks to this self isolation period, I’ve been watching a ton of videos on YouTube. It becomes a daily routine for me now. I used to think YouTube is great platform, a place where creators share their ideas and exchange opinions with the rest of the world, people can learn things by just watching aContinue reading “YouTube can be addictive…”

Recent thoughts on watching other people’s vlog on YouTube

Recently, I’ve been watching lots and lots of videos on YouTube, mostly daily vlogs posted by people. Vlogs are general videos that people film about their daily lives, the length of the video can last for a minute to hours. There is no particular reason that I like to watch these videos but I usuallyContinue reading “Recent thoughts on watching other people’s vlog on YouTube”

Japanese Style Breakfast

Recently I saw a lot of “Japanese breakfast idea” videos on YouTube. Exactly of what I need at the moment because I am running out of ideas to make breakfast. Yes, I can have toast and coffee every day but I do want to have a twist every now and then. Also, I have aContinue reading “Japanese Style Breakfast”

Discover Patrick Shyu: The ex-Google TechLead

I discovered Patrick Shyu‘s YouTube channel a while ago and even since I watched the very first video, I can’t stop but keep watching the next one. Patrick is the ex-Google tech lead and also have experience working at Facebook. He owns his YouTube channel with over 700K subscribers and gives courses to guide peopleContinue reading “Discover Patrick Shyu: The ex-Google TechLead”